What Sets Us Apart


As an SSPC-QP3 certified contractor, we are dedicated to a systems based approach to quality management on all of our projects, most especially those utilizing complex high performance coatings systems. Industry certified inspectors examine work at each step in the process to assure work is being performed and completed in accordance to strictly specified standards. This strict adherence to standardized methods and attention to detail allow us to consistently deliver work that exceeds industry standards for our customers.


At Inter-City Contracting we strive to deliver work to our customers with in their required time frame. Our systems-based approach allows for a more organized, efficient progression of work from start to completion assuring delivery on time without compromising quality results.


The experience and knowledge of our surface preparation, product application and quality assurance personnel accumulated over decades of dedicated service allow us to consistently and efficiently produce work that exceeds both industry standards and our competition. This combination of experience and knowledge affords us a level of efficiency that allows us to remain competitively priced, in effect delivering un-matched value to our customers.